Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Yorkshire Summer Circuit Series 1

A menacing black cloud hung over Tockwith and the York plain in general on Tuesday night, and stretched out in all directions, with the distinct blur of rain in most. 
Luckily, this cloud stayed closed for the duration of my excursion to the race track.

The summer series are being run in a different format than that of the spring.
The two races, instead of a 4th cat race and a 2/3/4 cat, there are now a 3/4 cat and a 2/3/4 cat race. The first race has now become surprisingly popular as people hunt for easy points. This led to the halving of the field in the second race, with a few riders trying their bodily and mental limits and competing in both.
Also, the races are run the other way round on the course, which makes a nice and refreshing change to a course that was starting to lose its magic.

The race started at a nice pace, with no hooligans bombing it off the front as soon as the official let us loose. After the inaugural lap, I realised that the new finishing straight suited my style of sprinting more to the previous one, since it was longer and was slightly downhill, perfect for a sprinter that spins instead of grinds.
After the first lap, I was going round the first corner when the was a sudden jump in speed, so I dropped it down a gear, stood up and pushed on the pedals. As soon as I did this, there was a loud snap followed by the crack of a whip as the chain connected beautifully with the entire length of my lower leg before wrapping itself round the rear break calliper. 

The Weakest Link

Luckily, there was no structural damage to my bike, just some scratches.
Its impossible to see if any good will come out of this if any. Maybe I might get a better time it tonights time trial, but Im not doing the time trial tonight because Im having to baby sit. Or maybe it might that Ill be fresher for the weekends race. I'd like to say that every dark menacing cloud has a silver lining, but Im not seeing it yet.

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