Monday, 27 June 2011

Otley Town Centre Cycle Races and Eric Biddulph Memorial Road Race

This race was one that I had been looking to all year. This was my first ever race back as a 15-year old and being really my only 'local' race, a lot of preparation had gone into it to ensure I peaked in that week.
It was a cool evening with no wet on the course, meaning that the race would be fast. A full field of 100 also ensured a few crashes too.
After a bit of a fuss evicting the under-16 race riders from the course after thier race, we got down to business. 
So, running 20mins behind schedule, the organisers started the race. All was going well.
I was feeling good, going with a occasional flyer, sticking near the front, keeping up with the bunch and cornering well. There was a lone crash on the first lap but nothing to worry about, although the crashee did send up some pretty impressive sparks up from the road. 
On the second lap, the back end of my bike started drifting a bit on the corners. I presumed this to be the tub coming off, but I was later told that if the tub was going to come off, then it wasn't going to mess around and it would come off and throw me into somebody's plastic pint glass. However, I wasn't taking any chances so I took it easy on the corners.
Fourth lap, I was second off the prime of £40.
Then 2 laps later, the race ended. No bell, no announcement, except for the first few riders across the line apparently. Confused faces and profanities accompanied the bunch on the cool-down lap.  
Due to the stubborness of the riders in the previous race, the organisers had to cut the race short, meaning that my tactics of bombing it down the last hill, taking the last corner like someone with a death-wish and sprinting till my calves popped off all went out of the window.
However, this hasnt detered me and I will sent of my entry to next years race, if the organisers will have me!
Also, well done to local lad Scott Thwaites for winning the pro race, a nice little coffee machine he got for that.

Otley BC Page

The Eric Biddulph Memorial Road Race was raced under clear skies and through a slight wind. The course wasn't too bad, although the false flats and long drags went some way to break the field up. After a neutralised start, the racing got underway and attacks were attempted, but nothing stuck. A lap later, I attacked with 3 or 4 other lads and we built a decent lead, of about 20seconds. Coming to the start/finish line I left my sprint late and won the £10 prime.
Then I sat up and waited for the bunch. However, I don't think I should have done that because the people I was with decided to make the most of their failed prime heist and turned it into a fully fledged attack, which stayed away till the finish.
A few more riders attacked over the next few laps in ones and twos and some where brought back and some got away. 
Coming into the the last 500 metres, the was a crash towards the back end of the diminished group I was in, so I took advantage of the confusion the sped up, but so did everyone else. Coming into the last 200metres, I was 2nd wheel back. The rider behind my opened up his sprint, I jumped on his wheel, and easily over took him with 50 metres to go, with a small seated effort, eventually coming across the line in 7th. 
Not a bad day, but in future I shall stay in the group Im in, even if I win the prime, because that group may just get away.

Eric Biddulph BC Page

Eric Biddulph Photos

Thats all from me for the time being, and thanks for reading.

Next race is the first of the Yorkshire Summer Circuit Series.

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