Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Cautiously Optimistic

On tuesday, I finally made some impact in a 2nd cat race. The circuit races at Tockwith have been running to an end of the spring series, and I certainly made some impact to my confidence with the last one. 
It was a nice day, not too windy, and a decent field of around 60 riders had turned up. Racing got underway and the usual attacks went away, got the first prime and where reeled back in. However, I noticed that this week, the attacks where staying away for quite some time upfront. Maybe the field was reluctant to take up the chase because quite a few of them had raced on the weekend.
So, I attacked halfway through the race, and a break of four was created. I attacked again towards the prime lap and won some money. Then I sat back into the break, unsure whether to put an effort in taking into consideration that it was very likely that we were going to be caught. However, I still came through every now and then and did some work. 
Now, the break had been away for about 5 laps or so, and the time difference between the two groups was stagnating. A few riders realised this and came across and started to contribute, and slowly we gained even more of an advantage. The group, now consisting of 8 riders, was working well and maintaining a high pace. With around 5 laps to go, it became clear that if the peleton did nothing, we where going to make it all the way to the finish, so slowly but surely, they started to chip into our advantage, so much so, that on the last lap, we may have have a 15 second advantage with 1km to go. 
Coming into the penultimate straight, a few riders opened up their sprint, to try and get into the last corner first. By the time I got to the last corner, the peleton had caught the remaining riders from the break and they where breathing down my back. I got into the last corner third, came through low and opened up my sprint, eventually coming across the line in third place and a nice 10points toward my BC license.

Thats all from me, and as always, thanks for reading.

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