Thursday, 17 February 2011

Preparation is Key

It has been a hectic week of training, bike maintenance and trying to secure finance for my new 'superbike' . Since the last post, I have racked up over 15 hours  on the bike in preparation  for my first race in Clitheroe, The Clayton Velo Handicap. 
After much research on the British Cycling website, I found out that in fact I will be racing with the Elites and Pro's at this particular event, and since that I have been putting in some quality, intensive riding with local ex-pro Chris Young. 
Hopefully I will be able to put some pictures up from that race in just under two weeks.
The week after Clayton Velo is the Eddie Soens Memorial race at Aintree. This race traditionally signals the start of the British racing season, with several domestic teams being launched at this race, such as the Raleigh Racing team this year.

Also have a look at my friend Joel's blog at with writing about how his racing is going for him in Belgium.

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