Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Yorkshire Summer Circuit Series 4

I was third in this race, and with it brought a much sought after moral boost. Ive only been doing one race a week for a while now and I dont like it. In last weeks race I came a miserable fifteenth and with no road race on the weekend to try and make amends I had to wait a whole week. 
Anyway, on tuesday it rained at Tockwith, a first for the circuit series. Me, knowing that crashes are a lot more likely in the wet stayed top 5 at all times, and after maybe 10 laps or so, I latched onto Rob Watsons wheel to try and chase down the lone breakaway rider. We pulled out a significant advantage and another rider came across to help us out. Us four riders worked solidly as a unit with each taking their share of pacemaking. I came second in the prime after a badly timed sprint, but quickly got back into the rythm. Towards the latter stages of the race, we had picked up such an advantage over the peleton that possibly we where chasing them instead of the other way round. At three to go, a rider attacked from the break and got away till the finish. I mistakedly thought that we would catch him and followed the wheel i was already on instead of going with him. 
Last lap I let a little gap go hoping that the rider behind would chase it down and then I would be in the best position for the sprint. However, the rider I was behind was content with 4th place, so I had to drop it down into gear and cover maybe 25 meters in a space of a 100. I came third by a bike length.  

My next race is the fabled Preston crit series that Ive heard so much about. This is the last race before I go to Poland for a bloody month and I only need 3 more points for my second catergory license. Thats 7th or better in the race. 

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