Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Yorkshire Summer Circuit Series 2

Well, today I actually finished the race without having a chain or spoke snap on me. I also got a taste of big bunch sprinting, not a 10 rider chase to the line that I had previously taken part in. 
We arrived at the venue just as the 3/4 cat race was finishing, and there was a guy on the floor on the first corner surrounded by paramedics. Broken collar bone apparently. The rain earlier on in the day must have drifted over the York plain and there were a few small puddles here and there, so cornering had to taken a bit softly.

The race got underway and there were attacks straight away. I settled into the constant surges of speed at 30mph that are so typical of circuit races Ive done this year. In fact, I went with most breakaway attempts but all were brought back. Eventually, after around 10 laps a group of 3 managed to get away, who were joined by another 4 later on. These 7 riders stayed away till the finish. Even after attacks every other lap from my group (mostly by me), and big turns at the front (I played my part), the gap didn't seem to be diminishing too quickly. A lack of cooperation in my group let the break succeed I guess. Eventually after 5 laps to go of the 1km circuit, it became evident that the break had beaten us fair and square, so any sprint was for the minor placings. 
Coming into the last lap, the was a strange lull of speed at the bell, but as soon as this was noticed, attacks came from all directions, which were promptly caught and extinguished. At 500metres to go a few desperate riders launched their sprints, but this was used as a spring board into the last straight. After entering the last corner in around 10th position, I opened up my sprint and came across the line second in the bunch sprint (albeit by half a wheel) and 9th overall. A small 2 points go towards my 2nd category aspirations.

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