Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Nothing Much

Nothing much has happened over the last week in terms of training. For one it was my rest week, but I crashed on the way to school and my face absorbed most of the impact with the road. Luckily, there wasn't too much serious damage either to me or the bike, but I still took a few days off to heal.

Saturday was my first Cafe Racing run in around six months, and it went surprisingly well considering that I was on my winter bike and most other people where on the summer bikes or at least their racing cross-bikes.
Anyway, the Keighley Chain Gang that do this run start in Keighley (obvs) and head out to Skipton via the main road at a steady pace. Then at Skipton the pace kicks up and people start trying break away. At Hetton, we head to Gargrave where the finish line is. 
On saturday, about a mile out of Skipton, Scott Thwaites attacked with another person, and the pack wasn't too keen on bringing them back. After another mile or so, the breakaway could still be seen, and this was the time to start putting in an effort before the break disappeared into the twisty roads at the 'Duck Pond'. 
However, no-one seemed to notice that a team-mate of Thwaites was putting in the effort at the front, or at least this is what he was trying to make it look like. Obviously, the team-mate was going slightly slower than Thwaites so that he had a chance of making the break succeed. 
Anyway, I took it upon myself to get the rhythm going again, so I stepped up the pace and got the first group working to catch the break. 

Unfortunately, this wasn't enough and the break succeeded, however, I managed to get to Gargrave with the first group on my heavy bike, so there's no telling where I shall end up with my light bike.

Training was supposed to start this week again however I have been hampered by thick fog that has been hanging over Yorkshire over the last two days.

My next race is on the 27th of March, the Seacroft Wheelers Spring Road Race. 
The course profile is once again flat, except for two drags that go over railway bridges. This 50miles race is only for 3rd and 4th category, so hopefully I have a better chance in this one, and Im expecting at least a top 10.

Thats all from me this week, and once again, thanks for reading. 

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