Thursday, 14 June 2012

Austerity Weather

Since my last post, I've done two races, both in weather like this:

  It rained a bit

In fact, I have an actual photo from the first race:

The resemblance is uncanny

The Ian Mountain Memorial race started with just over fourty people who could be bothered getting out of bed after hearing the sound of torrential rain lashing against the window.

The course was twisty and lumpy, with a 1.3 mile dra that had a luscious tailwind. For some reason, no-one shared my enthusiasm to smash the living daylight's out of it. Only on the rest of the course did they return the favour. And it hurt. Anyway, I break 'rolled' away on the first few laps, on the finishing straight that included two sharp rises and then a cracking headwind.

They established a sizeable advantage, mostly because everyone was watching the two 1st cat riders from Herbalife, and partly because teams were blocking. Half way through a rider bridged. 
Oddly enough, the race was classed as a 1/2/3, with points down to tenth place. This caused some confusion because even the easier 2/3/4 races have points down the fifteenth. Anywho, that leads me onto the excuse of the race. No point sprinting for seventh and getting two points, my main concern was getting to the nice, warmish HQ.

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