Monday, 26 March 2012

Back on the Road Again

As I mentioned in my last post, I was involved in an unavoidable and surreal collision with a car on that extra day in February. This sent my carbon thoroughbred to the grave and left me with a torn ligament in my shoulder and a prescribed six weeks from two wheels altogether. However the doctor put a silver lining on his treatment, saying I am able to use my shoulder to its full range of movement that doesn't cause pain.

In the first week, I was unable to do much and my arm was constantly in a sling as a trudged around the empty house in a dressing gown complaining that I was missing out on racing and vital points and that my fellow competitors were putting in extra miles just to make it that little bit harder when I donned the race number once again.

However, I was only unmotivated in the depths of the night when I couldn't sleep from lack of exercise and a constant sharp pain in my right shoulder whenever I wanted a bit of variety in my sleeping position. Due to this dilemma, I spent a few nights sleeping on my face.

After a week or so I had regained some movement in my shoulder and was now able to serve the handpull ale at work, albeit slowly. Writing also became a possibility and I was ordered back to school.
The shire horse also came back from the stable with a brand new bottom bracket so I had something to look forward.

After two weeks I was able to put slight pressure on my shoulder, enough for a predictable turbo session. I took the torture device out of the shed out set it out on the patio, and put myself through an hour of boredom and 2 minute intervals.
The next day I bought a gym membership.

For the next week, I went to this fine establishment and worked on my legs and core, for a very wise man once said that the pro's are better than everyone else because they have an amazing set of abs, amongst amazing natural talent and many another thing.

Finally, after 3 weeks, I decided to cave in to my withdrawal urges and risk an easy ride to school. Signs from the gym were positive and I was able to ride the stationary bike and run without any pain in the shoulder. The ride was uneventful but I was more wary of vehicles traveling in the opposite direction and feathered the brakes maybe a bit too cautiously. The damage wasn't just physical.

After this minor milestone, I started riding to school again and I gradually increased the movement in my shoulder up the short sharp hills to test my limits. The joint passed these tests and decided to do the cafe race on the Saturday.

Ive been riding for a full week since then and pain is only noticeable in my shoulder after 70mile plus or if theres been a few too many sprints. However, I still don't have a full range of movement and cannot 'windmill' like we used to do in primary school P.E. I am able to throw a ball short distances but my leisurely hobby of squash still causes considerable pain.

I have since been putting in some big miles and long hours on the bike in preparation for my next big race, the Dirt Wheel Road Race along the famous Penny Pot circuit. The 70 mile jaunt has already attracted some big names and will be an early indicator of who's on form this year.

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