Friday, 27 January 2012

Man with a Plan

A lot has happened since my last post. Mainly, I've been attending the Yorkshire Junior Development Group sessions in the hope they'll pick a team for the big races at unsociable places and times around the country. The big one obviously is the Junior tour of Wales. This year the Tom Simpson returns to its natural home of being a Junior National Series race and with it being on home soil, im sure the powers that be wont let it go to a non-Yorkshire rider without a fight. Also, fortunately, theres a little stage race right here in West Yorkshire. The Holme Valley Wheelers 2-day consists of a crit, a time trial and a road race and is an open event, but preference will be given to junior and espoir riders. Clearly, its going to fill up with the above people, and some meathead of an U23 will win it. I look forward to this race.
At the time of publication, there has been no word on the Tockwith Series. I have been assured that they will go ahead but getting towards the back end of January with no development is starting to worry me. I was planning to get a lot of points from these races, with a total of 180 being on offer. I also enjoyed racing on the closed circuit and it was something to look forward to after a crappy day at school.

I've matured over the last few months with my diet, and I've lost about 3-4kg over recent weeks. Ive noticed that  hill climbing has become a lot easier and I can keep up with Joel almost to the top of Addingham Moorside.
My bike is nearly finished and a nice clear set of photos will be posted on here once I replace my spare brakes with the fancy ones, but thats at least a month away now.

This is my last year as a Junior and I have quite handily started another subject at school, which I need to finish if I ever fuck up my life and go to uni. This then would leave me as a part time student only going into school twice a week. The rest the time I would be training and hopefully I'd be on the academy or a big team, but that IS wishful thinking. I have to win some races first.

Below is my provisional racing programme;

28th Jan       Velo29 Winter Series 1

26th Feb      Clayton Velo Classic Handicap

3rd Mar        51st Eddie Soens Memorial
25th Mar      Cadence Junior RR

14th Apr      Tour of the Mendips
15th Apr      Sheffrec Spring RR - Yorkshire RRL 1
21st Apr       National Emergency Services RR

4th May       Sleepwell Hotels Isle of Man Youth/Junior Tour
13th May    National Junior RR
27th May     Batley RR

3rd Jun         Ian Mountain Memorial RR
8th Jun         Holme Valley Wheelers 2 Day
10th Jun       Langsett Cycles/Rutland CC/Stannington RR
17th Jun       BikeLine Tom Simpson Junior RR
20th Jun       Otley Town Centre Races
23rd Jun       CC Giro Circuit Races
24th Jun       The Pete's Race
26th Jun       Brighouse Circuit Races
27th Jun       Peak Road Club Evening RR

8th Jul          Hatherleigh Junior RR
11th Jul        Wakefield Midweek RR 2
14th Jul        Tour of Blackpool
15th Jul        Clifton RR
22nd Jul       Bath Junior RR
29th Jul        BBM Elite RR

1st Aug        Colne GP
5th Aug       Tumby's RR
12th Aug     Kirkless Cycling Academy Summer RR
26th Aug     Out of the Saddle Summer RR

2nd Sep       CDNW 17
9th Sep        Out of the Saddle Autumn RR    

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