Monday, 30 May 2011

Theres nothing too interesting to report on recently, I haven't won any races or been selected for any teams over the last few weeks and thats why theres been the lack of bloggage. 
Competitive cycling has mainly consisted of Kildwick timetrials and the Yorkshire Spring Classic series over at Tockwith with me consistently placing top 10 in both. In fact I've gotten my first points over at Tockwith and my 3rd category license came through the door the other day. Now I need 29 more to move up to the 2nd category.  
Theres another Tockwith race tomorrow, but theres no road races for another two weeks, so there'll probably be no new blogs till then, unless I win one of the Tockwith circuit races or have a place confirmed on the West Yorkshire Junior cycle team for the Junior tour of Wales...

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