Thursday, 7 April 2011

Bored As ...

Im starting to learn how the racing world works, I think. I may have only raced two of them, but I should have done four. In terms of early season races, sending off your entries with 3 days till the deadline is fine since most people are still hibernating in early March, however, in April the season is almost in full-flow and races fill up a lot faster. 
I now have the advantage of knowing how a reserve feels. My mum said to me that I should send the entries off a month before the deadline instead of a fortnight, and also count myself lucky that Im even a reserve. I guess she's right since I ticked the box saying 'I am not prepared to be a reserve'.
Another thing thats evident on the entry sheet to the Bridlington CC Road Race is that almost half off all entrants are 2nd Cat's, then 3rd Cat's and only about five 4th Cats in a 70-wo/man race. NOw if you ask me thats a bit out of order, giving preference to higher ranking riders, instead of the first come first served philosophy I expect when it comes to these things. I mean, if all races adopt this thinking, they'll be no new, aspiring, talented riders coming through because they are not allowed to race in the first place!

Right, rant over. 

Over the last 2 weeks I've done a healthy 15 hours and 300miles on the bike. NOt my best stats this year, but I did do a two day, 22 mile hike over Friday and Saturday for my Duke of Edinburgh, which I felt when I did[tried] a high-intensity chain-gang session with some of the good racing riders round here. I got dropped almost straight away, but they let me catch on and I held[sort of] a wheel for the ensuing hour. 

Im off to Filey tomorrow. Then on Saturday I shall do a recon of the race I might be doing. Im expecting it to be rolling (coz its like that there) and windy because its by the see, so no deep-section wheels for me .

Anyway, the pictures from the recent club run to Settle with my bike buds (V.C. Bradford). If you want to join, give Paul at Pennine Cycles a buzz and he'll give you some info. 

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